Integrated Marketing Smoke and Mirrors

It’s a common occurrence to find organizations juggling multiple vendors to execute different marketing programs and channels. And, its even more common to hear that it is impossible to integrate these disconnected vendors’ metrics into a single tracking and reporting system.

We heard that recently from a company that had been over-promised and under-delivered by marketing firms and agencies in the past.

The multinational company distributes products through a network of large independent contractors. They needed an integrated marketing program that could promote, track and report on each independent contractor, and do so through online, offline, print and broadcast channels. Basically, they had a complex need that required a turn-key solution.

The head marketing person said, “I can find individual marketing firms to execute individually on Web, E-mail, Direct Mail, Phone, Media Outreach, Print Advertising and Broadcast Advertising. But, that means I have to manage tons of vendors and it is impossible to compare and contrast metrics across them all.”

We said, “We can do do it all under one roof, and we can do it in a turn-key, automated manner.”

He replied, “Well, we have yet to find a company that can do this, but seen a lot of smoke and mirrors from companies in the past.”

Little did he know that what he really needed was some real smoke and mirrors.

He went on to definitively list the complexity of the cross-marketing program he was looking to execute.

“OK…., so here’s what I need,

  • Online Web, Social Media and Online Advertising
    • Keyword research
    • 150 personalized websites that run a blog, video and dynamic content.
    • Unique, geographically-driven SEO on each of the 150 websites
    • Content marketing
    • News articles published on Google News weekly
    • Monthly interview with certified news journalist
    • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign and associated A/B testing
    • Facebook fanpage with Facebook advertising and associated A/B testing
    • Twitter feed
  • Data-Driven Direct Response
    • Data targeting
    • Build predictive model of likely buyers
    • Direct mail design, copy and strategy
    • A/B testing of direct mail pieces
  • Media Buying
    • 150 different cable television commercials
    • Radio commercials
    • Print advertising

… so, those are the cross-media marketing needs I have. But, here is where it gets even trickier. I need to know exactly where every lead that goes to my 150 contractors came from. So if they came from a specific advertisement, or any of the 150 websites, or a specific commercial, I need to know. I need to compare each aspect of the program so I can fine-tune and adjust my budget to the campaigns that are more successful. Plus, I need reporting that is clear, on-demand, and fully automated. To put it bluntly, I need this to be absolutely turn-key. Now, is that possible?.”

We answered, “Absolutely!”

“I don’t want a lot of smoke and mirrors, as I have been burned in the past,” he cautioned.

Our reply caught him off guard. “You can’t do this without some smoke and Mirrors(TM).”

We went on to describe Echo’s proprietary Cross-Media Marketing Console (CMMC), which is an innovative, rules-based engine that manages, tracks and measures limitless “events” (Print, Web, Social Media, advertising, E-Marketing, direct mail, Phone, etc). CMMC tracks, analyzes and reports on all campaigns through a single system. Suffice to say, this engine puts out some smoke.

The platform also features Mirrors(TM), which are personalized webpages that are driven by a powerful engine that integrates all of your content and online media into a relevant, single-site, communications hub. Mirrors are highly personalized due to the fact that each mirror webpage can be customized by the end users so that they select what types of content that matters most to them.

In short, Echo does use Mirrors, and uses proprietary rules-based engines that are smoking.