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ac·qui·si·tion: [ak-wuh-zish-uhn] Identifying and converting targeted prospects through cost-efficient, funnel-driven processes.

“Target audiences are identifiable. They respond to unique appeals and through preferred channels. Are you effectively driving acquisition growth?”



Delivering a single platform for cost-efficient, high-return acquisition programs that track, monitor and compare campaigns across channels is what we do every day.

Cross-media acquisition programs and tracking are inherently inefficient because they are “silo-based.” The lack of a single, rules-based engine to manage, track and measure all cross-media acquisition appeals magnifies the problem significantly.

Echo’s MIRROR™ Platform is an innovative, rules-based solution that manages, tracks and measures Print, Web, Social Media, E-Marketing and Phone acquisition appeals or “events” in a seamless, integrated process.

How does your current rules-based outreach and acquisition program stack up?

  • Are your acquisition efforts silo-based or integrated?

  • Do your current efforts provide a targeted and personalized experience you can track across channels?

Echo’s solutions deliver acquisition results:

  • Acquisition Model Development

  • Brand Messaging Content Marketing

  • Offer and Appeal Research

  • Personalized Variable Print and Fulfillment

  • Profiling / Targeting

  • ROI Metrics, Tracking and Reporting

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Integrated E-Marketing

  • Member Profiling and Segmentation Strategies

  • Membership Card / Rules Fulfillment

  • Personalized Microsite / MIRROR™ Platform

  • Acquisition Analysis and Consulting

  • Social Media Community Management

  • Web-Based Cross-Media Marketing Console

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